Guide to eating without feeling bloated

LOS ANGELES It should be no surprise that avoiding salt is the best thing you can do because sodium makes you retain water.

Along with avoiding the saltshaker, steer clear of frozen foods and canned soups, two packaged products that are loaded with salt. Check labels on your food, keeping sodium under 400 milligrams, with no more than 1,800 milligrams for the day.

Some surprising products that can distend your stomach include candy, soda and gum. Carbonated beverages and gum, along with drinking through a straw, all add air into your digestive system, so bypass the bubbles until that super-full feeling passes.

This is a good time to choose flat water, take small bites and pay attention to chewing with your mouth closed and chewing food extremely well, along with wearing clothing that isn't restrictive in the abdominal area.

You'll also want to check labels for sugar alcohols in gum, soda, diabetic candy and cookies that don't digest completely, which means they can cause gas.

Stay away from things like sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol and more until bloating subsides.

Also, cut back on produce. Raw fruits and vegetables have a lot of nutrients and water, but they also have roughage.

Until the bloating passes, you want to take small quantities of cooked veggies until you're feeling better.

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