Compton mayor, manager dodge interviews

ABC7 Eyewitness News: What's Bugging You?
COMPTON, Calif. In Compton, papers and debris are strewn about the streets and sofas sit abandoned in an alley. Is that how a community should look?

"The community needs to clean it up a whole lot better," said "Sonia" from Compton.

Sonia says that's what bugs her. She feels it's a problem that's not only an eyesore, but a quality of life issue.

"People need to get up and clean their yards, their surroundings, so when the kids play they don't get germs and dirt," said Sonia. "It's very sad, because the community was built clean. Let's keep it clean."

She feels people certainly need to take more pride in the community and not dump trash in the first place, but she feels the city should also clean it up.

Eyewitness News called /*Compton Mayor Eric Perrodin*/'s office and left three messages to set up an interview. No one returned the calls, so several days later Eyewitness News went there.

Eyewitness News was denied access at Compton City Hall. "Not if you don't have an appointment," said a security guard.

Guards told Eyewitness News no one could talk, not even an assistant to set up an appointment. More phone calls would be necessary.

For a moment, /*Compton City Manager Charles Evans*/ said he would talk to Eyewitness News, but then changed his mind.

An aide came into the hall to speak to Eyewitness News. "He was going to come out," said the aide. "He's in a meeting, so I can't ... "

Eyewitness News offered to wait. "No, you have to call," interrupted the guard.

"I know they're busy, but they could do a little better," said Sonia.

So as the sign announces on the way into town, the city of Compton welcomes you, but Compton City Hall doesn't. It appears that public officials are unavailable to speak to the public or to the media about these issues.

But Eyewitness News will stay on this and get answers.

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