FitOrbit offers trainer, nutritionist

LOS ANGELES "I was doing other weight-loss programs online, and I was losing weight, but then I started gaining it back again," said Rafael Valencia, a FitOrbit client.

Valencia tried FitOrbit, a new Web site that allows the user to pick a trainer from 17 different countries and across the U.S. with a variety of certifications and specialties. Valencia chose Holly Perkins, who's been training for more than 15 years.

"He jumped in, he did all of his workouts, he gave me the feedback that I needed, he applied the diet strategy, and he immediately started seeing results," Perkins said.

Valencia lost 15 pounds in six weeks.

"We make a real trainer affordable, comfortable and accessible from the privacy of your own home," said FitOrbit Chief Executive Officer Nick Desai.

FitOrbit trainers establish a relationship with their clients through texting, e-mails and notes through the Web site.

"Most of our trainers log in two or three times a day and check on what you do, what comments you left, what questions you asked and update your plan," Desai said.

FitOrbit's dietary component makes it easy to be compliant. There is a food diary, along with a database of more than 3,000 recipes reviewed by dietitians, along with a sister Web site that suggests restaurants for when you are away from home called

"You type in a zip code, they come back to you with the 10 closest restaurants to you and all of the menu items that actually match nutritionally to what you're supposed to eat," Desai said.

"Fitness is a very important component, but without a proper diet plan, you're not going to see the results that you want to see," said Perkins.

Perkins says the only caveat is not being able to watch the workouts in person.

"It helps so much if I can see you, if I can touch you, because I can just tweak it a little bit more so that you're going to get an extra amazing program," Perkins said.

This program could be a real plus for someone who wants a personal trainer and a nutritionist, but can't afford it because having both could cost $800 or more a month. FitOrbit will run you a penny shy of $10 a week, depending on how long you subscribe.

Financially, the best bet is six months at $9.99 a week, or 13 weeks for $14.99 weekly.

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