Injectable H1N1 vaccine makes its debut

LOS ANGELES They're considered at particular risk for the H1N1 virus. Now, pregnant women can finally fight back through an injectable vaccine that made its debut Wednesday in several states.

The injectable vaccine joins the H1N1 nasal mist vaccine which contains a live version of the virus.

Both are being widely distributed in the hopes of containing a virus that has already impacted several states. Infecting the healthy and those with underlying health conditions is a concern for Katharine Blake and her young son.

"I've been very nervous given that he's high risk," said Katharine. "He had open heart surgery as a baby so I'm very nervous for him."

So far 81 kids have died from illnesses related to the H1N1 virus, which is about how many die in a typical flu season. This statistic is helping to push parents and their children into clinics.

"I have some friends on my baseball team who have it," said H1N1 vaccination advocate Grant Weaver.

Even though doctors' offices throughout the Southland have not received their shipments, the initial supply has already run out in some states. But the CDC is urging everyone to be calm. Approximately, 10.8 million doses of the vaccine are available for order.

Officials say thousands of doses will be arriving in all 50 states on a weekly basis.

Many local health departments are scheduling free H1N1 vaccine clinics for those without insurance or medical providers. Riverside County will be giving out free nasal vaccine starting Thursday. L.A. County will be begin their clinics on October 23.

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