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Young girl viciously attacked by 2 dogs

October 14, 2009 12:00:00 AM PDT
An 8-year-old girl is recovering after being viciously attacked by two dogs outside her grandmother's house in the community of Woodcrest, near Perris.Alexis Gordon's arms, legs and face were covered with bite marks five days after the vicious attack.

Fortunately, the young girl is OK. Her mother, Amber, says there's no doubt that Bob Logan saved her daughter's life.

"I can't thank him enough, he saved her life," said Amber. "There was nobody else around."

"It was like I was on autopilot, I truly believe," said Bob.

When Logan saw what was happening he ran out of his front door to the edge of his driveway.

"She was just lying there, getting eaten by these dogs," explained Bob.

He says he grabbed Alexis and pulled her toward his house. The two dogs were biting her the whole time.

"I got in the house and as I was trying to close the door, the two dogs were right there on the doorstep pulling on her pantlegs," said Bob. "They pulled her pants right out the front door, and I slammed the door."

"If it wasn't for him she wouldn't be her right now," said Amber.

Alexis suffered multiple puncture wounds and underwent surgery that lasted three hours. Her mom hopes the stitches will come out next week.

The two dogs were taken to an animal shelter in Riverside, where they were euthanized.

Amber Gordon and Bob Logan both agree with the decision.

"They were aggressive. They weren't playing," said Bob. "I don't know how to put it lightly, but they were literally eating her."

"I mean if they attack once, they're going to attack again," said Amber. "If they hadn't been euthanized, they could have attacked another child down the road."

The owner of the dogs, a neighbor, will not face charges since the owner cooperated with authorities and agreed to have the dogs immediately euthanized.