Chino student kidnapped but later freed

CHINO, Calif. Like many teenagers, she was simply walking to school Wednesday morning.

But for the 15-year-old girl, a simple walk turned terrifying when a man pulled up to her in his car and forced her at gunpoint to get in.

The Villavicencios found out about it when the police knocked on their door Wednesday morning.

"They ask me if I hear anything, and I say no. I was taking a shower or whatever, so I don't hear anything that was going on," said Orlando Villavicencio.

"But it's concerning because we live in an area that you know usually things like this don't happen," said Caroline Villavicencio.

And apparently, it happened right across the street. Once the girl was in the suspect's car, he drove off.

"Was taken around the block, it sounds like there was an attempted sexual assault as well as possibly some theft that was attempted. She was returned unharmed basically back where she started and was not harmed sexually nor was she robbed. So very good news, but we are looking for the suspect currently," said Michelle Van Der Linden, a spokesperson for the city of Chino.

The suspect is described as a clean-shaven, light-sknned Hispanic male, about 5 feet 8 inches tall, in his late 20s or early 30s. He was wearing wire-rimmed glasses and a light gray hooded sweatshirt with dark pants.

Parents like the Villavicencios are using this incident as a reminder to their children.

"Not talk to strangers and all those things that the kids shouldn't know, and if something like that happens, they need to know to scream and know what to do," advised Caroline.

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