Cool Kid uses voice to improve community

LOS ANGELES Helping the youth of Pasadena is one goal of our Cool Kid, /*Nicole Bernard*/. Working with the Day One program, she gives them that perspective only a peer can give.

"I feel if it's coming from another teen, they'll take it into consideration more and we can relate to each other on a daily basis," said Nicole.

In addition to the pressures of drugs and alcohol, many teen girls deal with the issue of self image. Nicole bravely brings her personal experience to help these young ladies.

"I kind of had that problem too in the past before I came here," explained Nicole. "So, I just try to tell them I went through this too, this is what happened, it's going to be okay."

Nicole deals with the one on one concerns, but also sees the big picture for her neighborhood.

"The community where I've grown is not the best, but not as bad as it could be," said Nicole. "And I don't want the other youth in this community and for years to come to be on the wrong path at all."

A shooting at a house party spurred Nicole to speak at a city council meeting. The staff at Day One let her know how that action was a major accomplishment.

"Here you are, on your own, taking charge of your life and the community," said Christy Zamani, Day One. "And using our voice and stepping up to the plate, she's a natural leader."

Involved one on one and with her entire city, she is Nicole Bernard, our Cool Kid.

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