Will your kid get the H1N1 vaccination?

LOS ANGELES Many parents are expressing opposition to vaccinating their kids against the H1N1 virus.

Although government officials have tried to assure the public that the vaccine is safe and necessary, many parents say they have heard things that concern them. And some say that they just don't trust anything new.

"This is something I need to think over," said concerned parent Arash Ledjevardi. "My personal idea is that I do not feel comfortable with the vaccination."

"They were actually getting sick from it and that was really concerning us," said concerned parent Joseph Saenz.

L.A. County's Director of Public Health Jonathan Fielding says the H1N1 vaccine was made just like any other seasonal flu shot and it has been studied longer.

"Get the vaccine as soon as it is available. It has a really good safety profile," said Dr. Fielding. "It is made the same way as every other seasonal vaccine. It is really important that those at high risk get it."

Doctors are taking note of parental opposition. One medical expert says that it is ethical and legal to dismiss a child as a patient if their parents refuse vaccination.

Many parents say that does not change their mind.

"It would freak me out a little. I would no longer want them as my pediatrician," said parent Nicki Tasu.

The CDC calls the H1N1 a young person's disease because it has killed mainly children and its mainly kids getting hospitalized.

"You would think that if this thing is so dangerous it would be common sense for people to go get the shot," said Mo Nemati.

Nemati is about to become a new dad, so he needs to be first in line to get the shot.

"That is the next thing on my agenda. I am going to make it my top priority," Nemati said.

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