Costume giveaways have kids smiling

SANTA MONICA, Calif. As Halloween creeps closer every day, the excitement grows. In Santa Monica, a long line of kids and parents wait outside the Boys and Girls Club for a costume giveaway. In these tough economic times it's a welcome treat for parents.

"Right now it's tough so a lot of people are going to be showing up so it's good," said parent, Salvador Delgadillo.

"This is a big help for me right about now because I'm on a strict budget and I need help so therefore, this is great," said another parent, Trineen Pratt.

The Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club is giving away 10,000 free Halloween costumes to every single child who walks in.

The kids seemed to already know exactly what they wanted. Some of the costumes these children were looking for was Princess Jasmine, Spiderman and Michael Jackson.

The costumes at the Boys and Girls Club covered all the bases from princesses to power rangers.

An Eyewitness poll conducted by Survey USA asked: How much will you spend on Halloween costumes per child this year? The results were:

  • Less than $10: 16 percent
  • $10-$25: 39 percent
  • $25 or more: 25 percent
  • Not buying a costume: 15 percent

And just over a third of those polls said they will spend less this year than they did last year.

Club manager Brandon LaBrie acknowledges this giveaway comes at just at the right time.

"I know it's hard it's out there for families so we're here to help," said Brandon La Brie, manager of Boys and Girls Club. "We want you to come to our club after school and this is us saying thank you for coming in."

On top of a free costume, these kids get a free membership to the Boys and Girls Club for a year. The 10,000 costumes in Santa Monica are just a portion of the 100,000 costumes that Boys and Girls club across Southern California are giving away in the next few days.

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