Parents worry over sexy costumes

SANTA MONICA, Calif. The scary masks are up. The bloody teeth are ready and the aisles are stocked at Make Believe Inc. in Santa Monica. Halloween is just around the corner.

"Because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, it'll be nuts," said store owner Ruth Talley. "And Halloween, no matter how much we plan for it, is last minute."

Ruth Talley, owner of Make Believe Inc. points out the hot picks for this year.

"People are doing zombies, doing zombie parties," said Talley.

Hats are a big accessory this year for women and men are going mad over the Mad Hatter look.

"The Mad Hatter has just taken a life of its own," said Talley.

Another trend that's picking up steam is the teenage and pre-teen girls who want to look sexy for Halloween.

"The sexy costumes have come out and steadily, steadily belt over the last five years," explained Talley. "And now you have a lot of the teens and pre-teens that want that look."

Some parents aren't too thrilled about that.

"I wouldn't want my daughters dress like that," said concerned parent Susana Lara. "For me, Halloween is for fun. It's not to dress up sexy."

Talley has a solution. This year they're added the tween section to the store.

"For this Alice, they cover up more of her at the top and it's a little longer and this outfit actually comes with tights," said Talley. "A lot of the tween outfits come with the tights to combat that problem that parents have with the sexiness and it being too short or too revealing."

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