How the 'Dancing' stars stay healthy

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LOS ANGELES When asked what he's doing to stay healthy, Donny Osmond commented, "I'm taking everything that's legal."

The "Dancing With The Stars" couples have to be extra cautious when it comes to their health.

The long hours they spend rehearsing in close quarters can easily run them down and make them susceptible to every virus going around.

To help fight any bugs, the stars do have a few secrets.

"I'm telling you, I have Purell every five minutes, because obviously, you're meeting so many new people every day and shaking hands and you don't want to be rude and you don't want to not greet people, it's important to be nice, so fortunately, I haven't gotten sick, and I don't have any symptoms of being sick. Knock on wood," said Aaron Carter.

When asked what they're doing to avoid getting sick, dancer Dmitry Chaplin said, "I mean, honestly today I was drinking a lot of tea and stuffing my body with vitamin C, that's all I could do and hoping for the best," while Mya simply said, "I just pray."

"Everybody has to be cautious. Wash your hands, put Purell on your hands every time you dance with eachother and just kind of be careful," advised dancer Derek Hough.

"I'm still hoping its not contagious, we'll see next week if I'm back," said Joanna Krupa.

"I'm a mommy, so we normally take a lot of vitamins, and we're used to a lot of germs and used to a lot of snotty kids, so I powered up on the vitamins and fluids, and try to keep my distance when possible," said Melissa Joan Hart.

"I've been getting run down a little bit, so when your body is getting really exhausted, get that sleep in and eating healthy," said Louie Vito.

Osmond described an awkward health-related run-in with Vito.

"I probably shouldn't say this, Louie Vito came into my dressing room and said you need energy and gave me a Monster drink, but I don't drink caffeine, that's like drinking six cups of coffee. But when he opened the door, I had a syringe in my leg, giving myself a B12 shot. I looked like a junkie! He looked at me like, what?"

All the dancing happens on tonight's show, and the stars face the dreaded double elimination on Tuesday's results show.

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