'Dancing' stars dance off to survive

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LOS ANGELES After six weeks and one show-stopping Charleston, Melissa Joan Hart and her partner, Mark Ballas, leave "Dancing With the Stars."

She's sad to go but glad to have been here.

"This was a wonderful dream come true and I got to live it, and whether it was 10 weeks or six weeks, it was amazing, and I've been wanting to do it since season one and I finally got the chance," said Hart.

Now that's it over, Melissa is looking ahead, knowing she accomplished something pretty special.

"I did come out to prove to myself that I could do this, but also it's helpful for my career to be able to show people sort of, you know, me as a woman and in a different light, and I hope to have a new TV show on the air and hopefully this is helping push that along," Hart addd.

With Melissa out, Michael Irvin and Louie Vito were left in the bottom two, forced to take part in the knockout dance.

The judges got to decide who would stay and who would go.

In a split decision, the judges eliminated Louie and his partner, Chelsie Hightower.

"I do hate losing. I'm a competitor. I've always been raised that way," said Vito.

"I messed up a little bit and that was my own fault, so I have nobody to blame except for myself for that," Vito added.

Judge Carrie Ann Inaba cast the deciding vote that kept Michael Irvin in and knocked Louie Vito out of the running.

"It was close in the sense that I felt that Louie, throughout the competition, had done better than Michael. So I kind of had hopes that Louie would continue that," said Inaba. She added that she believed Michael did the better dance.

"I felt like there was a dancer inside of him and I felt like, at one point, I'm just sad that he didn't get to reach his full potential on the show and I think that if he would have been able, it would have been a blossoming moment," said Hightower.

"Dancing, man, I tell you, it's a lot harder than it is. Every time you feel like you're looking hot, you're doing something good, you find out real quick that you're not," said Vito.

It's now down to seven teams, and the pressure will only get worse.

Those remaining will face another knockout dance and another double elimination next Tuesday night.

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