Music icons celebrate Rock Hall

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
NEW YORK Some of the music world's biggest stars took turns taking the stage and sharing it for more than five hours Thursday night at New York's Madison Square Garden. All of them were there to celebrate the hall's 25th birthday.

"The /*Stones*/ and all of us are getting older. Nobody's giving it up. Nobody's lining up to be conventional," said singer /*Bonnie Raitt*/. "What does the establishment mean? Does that mean we, you, follow like sheep? No. We go our own way."

"Rebellion is lifelong. Rebellion, defiance is a lifelong thing. It's true," said singer /*Jackson Browne*/. "Rock and roll has always been the language of self-empowerment and of freedom and of self-expression and of community and it always will be."

The evening also included performances from /*B.B. King*/,/*Smokey Robinson*/ and /*John Legend*/, performing with /*Stevie Wonder*/.

"It was very cool to be here tonight and to pay homage to /*Marvin Gaye*/ and to the great legacy of Motown Records," said singer John Legend. "It was great to play, of course, with /*Stevie Wonder*/, who has always been my greatest inspiration as an artist."

And the night was pretty nostalgic, even featuring a moment with Simon and Garfunkel.

There's another concert Friday with more artists, including /*U2*/, /*Aretha Franklin*/ and /*Metallica*/. The show will be edited down into a future special for HBO.

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