Mother seeks justice for son's murder

POMONA, Calif. "I'm here to make sure Marquis did not die in vain. His story should not be silenced," said Corde.

Corde is desperate for answers. Her 18-year-old son Marquis Leblanc was murdered in April outside a large house party in Pomona.

Police say there were at least 200 people there. A fight broke out at the celebration and spilled outside. Leblanc ended up at the center of the violence and was shot and killed in the street.

"I want the world to know my son was brutally murdered by a minimum of 12 in front of a minimum of 100," said Corde.

Ten people have been arrested in the case. Most were charged with murder and gang allegations. Community activists claim the killing may have been racially motivated by Latino and black gangs.

Leblanc's grieving mother says she's on a mission to save others from her heartache.

"I expect the nation to see the problem of gangs in the community and the violence in the community," said Corde.

She says too many lives are being lost and that she wants to ensure her son isn't lost in the growing number of gang violence victims.

"He's not another tagged toe. When they put him to sleep, they woke something up in me. Like I said, I'm not going no where." said Corde.

Seven of Leblanc's alleged killers are scheduled to be arraigned Monday morning in Pomona. His mother says that she is grateful for the witnesses who stepped up and did the right thing by giving police the key clues they needed to make the arrest.

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