Last play, final course, or swan song?

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES We are now down to the season's final five: three singers, a reality show star and a model.

Tuesday night we said goodbye to the show's latest casualties, beginning with a sports superstar.

After seven weeks at or near the bottom of the judges' leaderboard, football star Michael Irvin and his partner, Anna Demidova, got tackled.

Michael knows his fans were his best defense all season.

"They kept us in the competition," said Michael. "We were scoring 14s -- that says a great deal. That's an experience that I want to take away from here that, hey man, we have some great love out here for those fans that kept voting and kept supporting."

Then, the second elimination of the night was between the two teams left at the bottom who were forced into a "knock-out" dance.

She was still sick with the flu, but Lacey Schwimmer returned to dance with her celebrity partner, Mark Dacascos.

And Aaron Carter took to the dance floor with his partner, Karina Smirnoff.

The judges were wowed by both dances, but they decided it was Mark's time to go.

"Training so hard and going under the stress, you really build these relationships and you don't know how deep they are and how strong they are until like right now," said Mark. "Then you go, 'Whoa.'"

"At least we got to dance with each other one more time and you got to end on a very good note," said Lacey.

Mark will miss "Dancing With the Stars," but he's looking forward to one of his future opportunities.

"There's a movie called 'Song of the Knife' and it'll be my first all-out action film in years, so I'm very excited about that," said Mark.

As for the teams still vying for that trophy:

"Those guys can dance, so I don't walk away saying I lost," said Michael. "I walk away saying this is like a Super Bowl to make it to Week 7. And the final five that's in there, they're great dancers and they deserve to be here."

Next week, each team will perform two individual dances. And in one of them, Donny Osmond says his outfit may shock you.

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