2010 Rose Queen gets crowned

PASADENA, Calif. At the coronation, 16-year-old Natalie Innocenzi became the 92nd Rose Queen, being fully aware of what that title means.

"During the past couple of weeks, I have learned that you are not just a Rose Queen or a Rose Princess until January 1st but rather once a life," said Rose Queen Natalie Innocenzi. "I have also learned about the rich traditions of the Tournament of Roses, what it stands for and most importantly what it means to people around the world to be brought joy and beauty each new year's day."

Among the princesses, one wants to be a doctor, another wants to study gerontology. Another says her parents gave her the name to be a broadcast journalist,

"So they named me June Ko, short, simple, easy to say and easy to remember," explained Rose Princess June Ko.

For the queen and her court, the ceremony was a dream come true. A dream that some of these ladies have had for many years.

"When I was 4-years-old, my grandmother always told me I had the potential to be on the Tournament of Roses royal court. Every year since then, she has sent me newspaper articles and magazine clippings of former queens," said Rose Princess Kinsey Stuart.

The theme of this year's Tournament of Roses parade is, 'A Cut Above the Rest,' and out of 1100 girls that competed, these seven proved that they are.

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