Disabled rescue dog gets new wheels

LONG BEACH, Calif. An animal rescue group saved a 6-month-old puppy found dumped beneath a wrecked car. The pup named "Scooby-Roo" was likely born without his front legs. The group is rehabilitating the dog to get him adopted.

"There was a Good Samaritan who had found Scooby-Roo in a gang-ridden neighborhood, underneath a car," said Sheila Choi, CEO of Fuzzy Rescue. "He was left to die by himself, covered in wounds and blood. He was very skittish. We could tell he was abused somehow. He's scared of men, he was very shy, and he kind of barked in the beginning."

But this puppy is a fighter. He learned how to adjust to his disabilities and that earned him his name.

"Well he kind of looked like a little Scooby Doo and he hopped around like a little kangaroo," said Choi.

Today Scooby-Roo is oblivious to his shortcomings. He's playful, energetic, and loving. But for his long-term health he needs help getting around.

"If he runs and plays and gets tired, he falls forward on his face, he hits his chest, he hits his head, which can cause all kinds of other medical issues, head trauma, spinal cord injury and things like that," said Dr. Amy Kramer, physical t herapist at California Animal Rehabilitation.

That's where Kramer and Choi come in, providing Scooby with a custom-made cart.

"We can make enough adjustments to this cart that he can have this cart forever," said Choi.

It will take some getting used to, but in a week's time Scooby will be able to figure it out.

Meantime, as his foster mom, Choi, teaches him how to manage the new wheels, Scooby-Roo teaches us all a little bit about managing life.

"He's so resilient, he has such a positive spirit, he has such a strong will to survive and to us it's such an amazing story, it's a happy ending story for all of us and it really motivates us to continue what we do for these animals," said Choi.

Fuzzy Rescue specializes in taking in harder-to-adopt dogs.

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