3 killed in I.E. helicopter crash

The helicopter hit power lines and plunged to the ground about a mile south of the airport in a field off of Victor Blvd., killing all on board.

FAA officials say that everything but the tail of the chopper burned in the crash.

Workers have been busy at work repairing the power lines that the helicopter hit.

Authorities are not releasing the names of the three men killed in the crash but family members were seen gathering around the crash site on Saturday.

The family has identified the pilot of the helicopter as 62-year-old Joe Pike from Baldy Mesa.

The chopper was a vintage Korean War helicopter, built in 1951.

The helicopter was restored by Pike and his two sons and is believed to be the only one in existence that still flew.

Officials say that this helicopter was going to take part in Veterans Day events scheduled for next week.

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