Mya gets first perfect score on 'Dancing'

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LOS ANGELES All five teams danced to a different era with one of their numbers. And the 1970s-inspired Samba from Mya and her partner, Dmitry Chaplin, scored triple 10s. And that's after being just one point shy of perfection for their ballroom Quickstep.

"There's a lot of pressure for all of us to be on our 'A' game -- constantly non-stop, no missteps, because Carrie Ann, by the way, she's noticing a lot of flaws and we are going to get knocked for that," said Mya. "Perfect 10s is not easy. It has to be flawless."

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough had a Quickstep misstep, but then came back with triple 9s for their futuristic Paso Doble, ending the evening in a distant second place.

"Seriously, honestly, sign of a true champion: seeing somebody who comes out in the same night, falls apart -- let's be honest -- doesn't go quite well, it's like scary. And then to come around and sink or swim, and she chose to swim," said Derek.

One point behind them, with a total of 51, are Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel, who did the Foxtrot, followed by a '60s-inspired Jive. Kelly's loving every minute, and pushing any pain aside.

"I'm going to list all of my injuries," said Kelly. "I've got a neck spasm, a sprained ankle, dislocated toe, my shoulder crunches when I move them. But, you know, what it means is that I've worked so hard for it and it is so fun."

And just one point under them, tied for fourth: Aaron Carter and Karina Smirnoff.

"I feel like I've been given everything I could, and if we go home tomorrow, you've changed my life," said Aaron to Karina.

Donny Osmond and Kym Johnson are also tied for fourth with their judges' scores.

"We worked really hard on these dances," said Kym.

"Oh, probably the hardest we've worked thus far," said Donny.

"I tell you what: I don't know if they didn't like our costumes," said Kym. "I think they're fabulous," said Kym.

"Yes -- I would give us 10s just for our costumes," said Donny.

One more couple goes home Tuesday night after performances by Michael Buble and Susan Boyle.

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