Driver in firefighter's death still free

INGLEWOOD, Calif. Like so many hit-and-run cases, the case involving firefighter David Pass remains unsolved. He was killed about two years ago riding his motorcycle through an Inglewood. Even though there was surveillance video and a monetary reward, the woman that caused the accident is still nowhere to be found.

Paramedic David Pass, 43, had a nickname at the L.A. City Fire Department that he never lived down.

"He was given the name 'Superman.' That was one of his nicknames," said firefighter Devin Gales, a friend of Pass's. "We all thought he was just invincible."

But on July 21, 2007, this "superman" became anything but invincible.

Pass was on his way home when a woman driving a champagne-colored Chevrolet Impala made an unsafe left turn at the intersection of La Brea and Centinela avenues in Inglewood.

Pass was on a motorcycle. He swerved to avoid hitting the car. He lost control and crashed.

Pass was lying in the middle of the intersection and instead of stopping to help him, authorities say the driver of that Impala took off. But not before checking on her own car first.

"At one point she must have known that something happened, because she did pull over, got out of the car, checked out her car to see if there was any damage, and then decided to drive away," said Inglewood Police Lieutenant Mike McBride.

Pass died at the scene. For more than two years now, authorities have been trying to locate the woman that caused his death. To this day, her whereabouts remain a mystery.

"The quirky thing about this was that there was no actual collision," said McBride. "The motorcycle or Mr. Pass never actually hit the car that made the left turn in front of him, and as far as we can tell, there was never any damage caused to the vehicle that was involved," said McBride.

Pass was a 19-year veteran of the L.A. City Fire Department. Firefighter Devin Gales says his friend was a shining light among his peers, who had only one forgivable flaw.

"There was only really one notable thing that you could even consider a flaw, and everyone would agree with me in this department that knew Dave: He was loud," said Gales.

Gales now hopes his voice will be heard and the public will help find the woman who killed this father of four.

"We're a little more than two years into this thing and we're still looking for the driver of that car," said McBride.

"When we see traffic accidents, or we see a motorcycle accident, it calls to mind our dear friend Dave, and of course it lingers on that the suspect is still out there."

Police had offered a $25,000 reward to anyone with information leading to an arrest, but that reward has since expired. Police are still hoping the public will help.

If you recognize the Chevy Impala in the surveillance video provided, please call Inglewood Police at (888) 41-CRIME (888-412-7463).

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