Posters cluttering your neighborhood?

ABC7 Eyewitness News: What's Bugging You?
A viewer said that he's very upset these hand-made signs are popping up all over his neighborhood, and they look awful.

He asked to remain anonymous because he worries complaining about these businesses might upset someone.

"It's just looks ridiculous. It just shows the disrespect that company and other companies have for L.A. and the disrespect they have against law enforcement," he said.

"I guess the city takes them down, and then the next week or so, they're right back up," he added.

You'll find Cmdr. Andy Smith of the LAPD's 77th Division often out on the streets taking them down himself.

"These are huge problems, we see these all over the place and it's usually corporations. Just look down the street, they posted them all over the place. It's totally illegal, you're not allowed to put things up like that," said Smith.

He says illegal or not, many businesses don't care because it's cheap advertising.

"There's so many of them from so many different companies from all over the county. They come and post this stuff here illegally. If you leave that sign up, by this weekend, I guarantee you that there will be 30 signs around the corner right across from the police station. It's really, really frustrating," Smith added.

Donovan Parks works for Streets Services, and his job is to take down these illegal signs. He makes quick work out of it with a knife, but says it's a never-ending battle.

"It's like a billboard for them, for different types of people. It's wrong because I have to take it all down. I can't make the poll look new, but I can get the stuff that was on it. It's time consuming," said Parks.

It's time consuming and expensive. Parks says that when he can identify one of the businesses in the fliers, the city fines them for the cleanup which sums to $194 for the first sign and $6 for each additional sign. The fines are issues per street per day, so it can really add up.

Now, what can you do to fight this urban blight? Don't tear the signs down yourself, but call your local Street Services department. Let them know the exact locations, and they will come out to take them down.

"It's very, very hard to clean up all this stuff because the periodicals are posted with tape, and they use all different kinds of electrical tape, masking tape, and basically it marks the poll with a bunch of garbage," described Parks.

"I take them down, and I go back to the station and I'll make a phone call to whoever RMT Incorporated is that they're posting signs illegally and to cease and desist," said Smith, pointing to a bright yellow illegally-posted sign.

One other thing you can do? Don't call them up and don't give them business. That way, you're not encouraging them to put up more signs.

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