Cool Kid's hands reach to those in silence

LOS ANGELES Lance is a sign language interpreter at Burbank High School. He truly embraces being a bridge between the worlds of sound and silence.

"Just filling the gap between hearing people and deaf people. I mean, not a lot of people know sign language, you know, and to be one of the people who actually does know it and has the opportunity to learn it every single day, I love it," said Lance.

Lance uses his hands to communicate. But it is his heart that stands out to people who know him.

"He's doing it because he wants to," said Dena Zelig, a deaf educator at Burbank High School. "He genuinely cares about them and wants to see them succeed in school and become friends with them, out of friendship, not out of obligation.

With plans to attend college in New Orleans, Lance sees a chance to continue helping and to expand on his knowledge and life experience.

"If I can get down there and really sharpen my skills and continue learning sign language and learning about the people and everything about it, then hopefully that's what I can do," said Lance.

Being someone who can do for others is a driving force in his life.

"I constantly involve myself in things that I think that I want to be part of and that are helping other people at the same time," said Lance. "It's for the better whole of the whole group."

Making sure all students have all opportunities, he is our Cool Kid, Lance Blair.

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