Budget cuts close Colton libraries

COLTON, Calif. Friday mornings are usually busy at the three libraries in Colton, but not today.

The library's voicemail states, "Due to recent budget cuts all library facilities have been closed till further notice."

Like many cities in California, the city of Colton is having money problems. A $5 million deficit and just yesterday, 60 government employees were given layoff notices.

"I think that's really a tragedy. Particularly in this area, my mom and entire family grew up in South Colton. On O Street, I have several cousins and this community center and library serves as a life line for the students," said Colton resident Nertha Arrayo.

Some feel the layoffs are causing dissention between city employees.

"City employees who use to be the best of friends, I mean true, true friends are now enemies to each other. I mean it's just a shame," said another Colton resident Cindy Carrion.

A number of residents felt closing the libraries was not wise.

"We're talking about an education part of our society. The library is somewhere, a resource that we use and our children use to excel in life," said Jose Quinteros of Colton.

Most Colton residents are aware or the situation and how they can be impacted by the cuts proposed by the city.

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