Last Waltz for one, final round for the other

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LOS ANGELES Joanna Krupa and her partner, Derek Hough, don't get to dance for the championship, but Joanna still feels like a winner.

"I think I became more confident knowing that I can, you know, overcome certain things," said Joanna. "I wasn't a dancer. I came into this competition raw. I overcame, came to the semifinals, so it just kind of showed me that, you know, I could do whatever I want."

And on the dance floor, she has.

In Week 1, her Salsa bumped her right to the top of the judges' leaderboard.

Joanna returned to the number one position in week six for her Waltz and then for her Rumba a week later.

"I'm just really happy," said Derek. "Like, I'm not even sad that we got eliminated tonight because I look back at all the accomplishments we did and just couldn't be happier."

"What you never do forget is memorable performances, and what she's done and what's she accomplished, and that will always be forever in the 'Dancing With the Stars' history and that's what, for me, is really important," said Derek.

"Dancing With the Stars" took Joanna out of her comfort zone. And by taking this risk, it's given her the courage to take even more.

"Anything can happen, I guess, from this point on and, you know, if a challenge comes towards me then I might take it on," said Joanna. "We'll see."

When asked what's next for, Joanna said, "Maybe a reality show and some more TV, like TV hosting. I want to get more into the TV world."

Joanna says this overall experience has been like a dream come true.

"Dancing With the Stars" returns Monday night for the finals.

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