A cause close to her heart motivates Cool Kid

LOS ANGELES "I thought Harvard-Westlake should be selling this, but who would do it? The art department is way too busy. I knew I had to step in and make the change and then it came together," said Catie. "The proceeds from the sale had to go to something and I knew immediately what that was."

Catie lost her grandfather to a heart attack and saw her two-year-old cousin undergo heart surgery. That motivated her to do something to help. In turn her actions have touched others.

"I'm very inspired by her. You don't meet a lot of high school students that really take the initiative and really have the drive that she has to come up with an idea and make it work," said Julie Klayman-Smith, American Heart Association.

The first Art for the Heart event surprised Catie with its success; it became more than just a school event.

"The fact that touched me was that there were people I hadn't recognized, people that came because they heard about it. Came to support their family who had heart issues. Just to be here for the cause. That really made me feel great," Catie.

Her second exhibit and sale coincides with her senior year. However, she wants to make sure this continues long after she graduates.

"When I saw the community come together to fight against it I knew it couldn't be just one year. It was a successful year, we can continue it."

With a big heart to match her big ambition, she is our /*Cool Kid*/, Catie Yagher.

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