'New Moon' director says movie true to book

LOS ANGELES "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" director /*Chris Weitz*/ says that the latest installment of the vampire series stays true to the book.

"You know, my aim from the beginning was to kind of do a faithful adaptation of the book and something that the fans of the books would appreciate," said Weitz. "And it feels very good."

Still Weitz has found himself in the middle of "/*New Moon*/" madness. This week's Westwood premiere alone showed the devotion fans have to this franchise.

"I've gotten myself into something really good, which is the middle of this kind of cultural phenomenon in which I feel very, very supported by the fans of these books," said Weitz. "And I think it's because the footage that they've seen they approve of."

In "New Moon," Bella loses her vampire, Edward, then discovers her friend Jacob is a werewolf, and she's attracted to, let's say -- his animal magnetism.

"There's a sort of unabashed romanticism to the love story in this. But that having been said, there are also these amazing CGI werewolves, which we worked very hard on," said Weitz. "There's quite a lot of abbage in this movie. I won't deny it. And in some ways it overturns convention, which is that usually girls who are being ogled at by men, this kind of turns it on it's head."

Weitz also has a message for the guys who may be on the fence about seeing the second vampire installment.

"Guys should go to this movie because, if not, their girlfriends are going to go home thinking of Jacob and Edward and not of them," said Weitz.

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" opens nationwide Friday, Nov. 20.

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