Dog reunited with owners after three months

AKRON, Ohio A trip to Maine turned into the adventure of a lifetime for Mindy the Maltipoo. It began with a stop in a wilderness area of northwest /*Massachusetts*/.

"I thought my wife threw the dog in the car and she thought I put her in and we got about 30 miles down the road and made another stop and discovered she wasn't in," explained the dog's owner, John Dunbar.

They went back for Mindy but couldn't find her. But her family didn't give up. When they got home to Akron, they put Mindy's picture on a Web site, That was three months ago. Her profile was a week away from being removed when the call came -- Mindy was alive and well.

"At first I'm like this has to be a joke," said Kathy Dunbar. "My dog's dead. She's been gone three months."

When Mindy got home she weighed three pounds.

"They said she had a diet of mainly grasses and roots and bugs or whatever she could scavenge, and she's a foo-foo dog," said John. "The Humane Society said it was so unusual for a little dog to be able to survive for three months. But somehow she did it."

"I can't believe it," said Kathy. "I cried because I was sad, now I cry because I'm happy."

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