Review: Casual viewers will enjoy 'New Moon'

LOS ANGELES "New Moon" tells a new story, venturing away from the vampires and focusing more on the werewolves who also conveniently cohabitate in the same community.

If you're not a fan of the series, here it is in a nutshell. The mortal teenager Bella loves a vampire named Edward. But a werewolf named Jacob loves her, too.

And when the vampire's away, the werewolf is hoping to play. All, of course, in a very PG-13 rated way.

There is an innocence to "New Moon," something parents of young teenage girls will probably love hearing.

There are also some vivid special effects, most notably the young men who become computer-generated wolves.

Taylor Lautner is the stand-out star of "New Moon." He goes from sensitive to intense and from boy to man in the span of a couple of hours -- and he does it very well.

I give credit to director Chris Weitz for fitting in all the characters old and new.

But you should know going in, most of the co-stars have very little to do and have very little screen time.

There are romantic moments in "New Moon" that may have the adults giggling out loud, but those same moments will have teenage girls screaming with joy. And that's the point.

If a 15-year-old girl was doing this review, she'd probably be giving "New Moon" an Oscar nomination for best picture. But I'm far from 15.

I appreciate that it respects its young audience. I suspect die-hard fans will embrace "New Moon."

And I think casual viewers will enjoy it for what it is, but be a little bewildered by all the fuss.

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