Cold-weather treats become cool ice creams

MONTROSE, Calif. "Our ice cream is freshly made every day, and its all fresh fruit, raw ingredients," said Mia Pederson, one of the owners of Paradis.

Mia and Jens Thorup brought Paradis to California from /*Scandinavia*/, where there are 29 stores. The concept is ice cream made daily with local fruit in-season, and other key flavors.

"We get our pistachios from Sicily, our organic chocolate from Germany, our vanilla from Madagascar," explains Mia.

Customers love their product, but have requested holiday flavors as a cool way to enjoy some seasonal favorites.

"We made a pumpkin pie ice cream, we made an eggnog ice cream, and we made peppermint stick ice cream and a cranberry sorbet," said Mia.

All the flavors are made with the real deal -- only chilly. One noticeable difference -- their peppermint stick ice cream is simply white. Adding today's candy canes to the mix would add artificial ingredients, which is a Paradis no-no.

Mia and Jens are from Denmark, where they don't celebrate with candy and eggnog. So they brought a little Scandinavia to us with this a Danish dessert called "/*Risalamande*/," which is something eaten on Christmas Eve. It consists of a whipped creamy rice pudding with chopped almonds and hot cherry syrup, along with one hidden almond, which signifies treasure.

"Whoever gets the almond gets a gift," explains Mia.

In keeping with that tradition, Paradis will give a gift card to the recipient of the almond in each batch of their Risalamande.

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