Santa Monica 'Just 45 Minutes From Broadway'

LOS ANGELES The play stars Tanna Frederick who knows the hassle of finding work in the business of acting.

"I moved out here from Iowa, waited tables, passed out Pepsi samples in K-Mart parking lots, dressed up in tin foil and passed out cigarettes at nightclubs," Frederick said. "I mean, I did anything I could do to try to survive while I was auditioning."

Those days appear to be over.

Frederick is currently at the box office in the Indie film, "Irene in Time."

Frederick is also on stage in Santa Monica as part of a multi-generational Yiddish theatre family in the Henry Jaglom play, "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway."

"They were very successful in the Yiddish theatre," Frederick said. "They were very successful in Vaudeville, now they find themselves living in New Rochelle or one of these places, it's just 45 minutes from Broadway."

They may not have a stage to practice their craft but the various members of this very dramatic family do know how to perform, even if only for each other.

"We're all playing characters who are conscious of the fact that we love drama so we can just go as big as we want, get as crazy as we want," Frederick said. "All the actors in the show love each other so when we get to the stage, it's just a big ball of give and we all just love being there and we have a wonderful time."

Frederick says "Just 45 Minutes From Broadway" is an inspiring experience.

"It's different from what's out there," Frederick said. "It's "A Miracle on 34th Street" sort of wonderful, not jaded piece of gold. It's just a delicious show."

"Just 45 Minutes From Broadway" has been extended into February and it's playing at the Edgemar Center for the arts in Santa Monica.

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