Family searches missing woman's car for clues

ATHENS, Calif. Mitrice Richardson vanished more than two months ago after being released from the Malibu-Lost Hills sheriff's station.

For the first time Friday, Richardson's father and friend came up with the courage to go through Mitrice's abandoned car that was in a police impound yard since her disappearance. Inside the car is a jumbled mess clothing, papers and CDs. They were looking for anything that might help them find her.

"This is the first time. It's awful bad. No matter what, I'm going to finish the job today," said Mitrice's father.

It was also difficult for Mitrice's friend Tess Moon. Mitrice was at Geoffrey's restaurant in Malibu. She couldn't pay her bill. Deputies found a small amount of marijuana and took her in to the Lost Hills sheriff's station.

She was released from the station after 12:30 a.m. with no cell phone, no purse and no car and 40 miles from home. That was the last time anyone is certain they've seen her. There have been friends passing out fliers and deputies searching with dogs and on horseback.

Her father knows police have supposedly gone through the messy car.

"Maybe something will ring a bell to me. I'm desperate for anything," said Richardson.

Going through the young woman's car was an emotional time for the father and her friend. Moon says she's never seen the car this messy.

"This is not like her to leave everything, her ID, phone. It doesn't sound like her," said Moon.

Mitrice was acting strangely at Geoffrey's telling people she was from Mars and was there to avenge Michael Jackson's death, but she later passed a field sobriety test.

"When I told the family I'm going to clean it up today, they said why. I want it nice and clean for when she comes home," said Richardson.

Detectives told Richardson never give up the belief his daughter is alive. He still needs help finding her but has never given up hope that she will return home soon.

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