San Bernardino Co. launches sex-offender site

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. Jesse James Long Jr. and Christopher David Beavers are two registered sex offenders living in Hesperia. The problem is that they're supposed to tell detectives where they live, and they haven't. Now, detectives have no idea where they are.

"Christopher Beavers and Jesse Long were both found not to be living in the last known address the sheriff's department had listed for them. Therefore, they're now both out of compliance," said Jodi Miller, spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities say this is a major public safety concern.

While typically few people besides detectives would know these two are out-of-compliance, now anyone who signs up on a new Web site will know the moment they went missing.

It's called /*Offender Watch*/ and it went online Tuesday morning at an annual cost of $20,000.

"It's a Web-based program that will allow the citizens of our entire county to use the Web site of the sheriff's departments or those participating police departments to track in their home sex offenders," said San Bernardino Sheriff Rod Hoops.

You can already get most of this information on the Megan's Law Web site, but with Offender Watch, people can actually sign up to receive e-mails telling them about sex offenders in their area.

"What's really nice is that a citizen can log onto the Offender Watch program and get updated notifications sent to their home computer when a sex offender actually moves into their neighborhood," said Hoops.

As for Ramos and Beavers, while this new technology will not help detectives track them, it will let residents know they're missing, and police are hoping that will help.

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