George's review: 'Everything's' sweetly sad

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
LOS ANGELES In "Everybody's Fine," /*DeNiro*/ plays a recently widowed man who's trying to connect with his grown children. So when they won't come to him, he decides to go to them.

/*Drew Barrymore*/ plays one of his daughters. Kate Beckinsale, the other. Sam Rockwell plays one of his sons.

As the story unravels you learn nothing is as it seems. As we watch a father not really knowing his children the way he'd like to know them and children who seem afraid to tell him the truth.

The film is what I'd call "sweetly sad," and one that will likely stay with you after it's over. I enjoyed seeing DeNiro play someone a lot gentler than we're used to seeing. We don't often get to see vulnerability in his roles.

The movie moves at his character's pace which, at times, feels a little slow, but that may just be because you start thinking ahead at what you expect is coming next.

There's also a mystery involving a fourth child and when you see that resolution play out, it's gonna get ya!

"Everybody's Fine" is ultimately about opening the lines of communication in a family. An interesting thought since DeNiro's character worked on communication lines of another kind.

I suspect a song in this movie is going to get a lot of awards attention. It's called "I Want to Come Home," an original song written and performed by /*Paul McCartney*/. It's a really good fit for the film.

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