Simi Valley rain causes slick, unsafe roads


"It's crazy, I just got off the freeway and I thought I was going to have a heart attack," said Simi Valley resident Betty Kim. "It's disgusting. It's just like puddles of rain everywhere."

"It's making it a little more difficult to drive I guess. I don't know, it's kind of scary to be on the freeway," said another Simi Valley motorist.

Most who had to go out bundled up against the chill of the damp air and put their umbrellas to good use for the first time this season.

Despite the messy conditions, some had nothing but praise for this wet weather.

"We are so glad to have the rain back in Southern California. I love the rain, are you kidding me? Absolutely, we need it. We've been in a water shortage for years, so yeah definitely. It's fantastic," said Ellisa Johnson of Simi Valley.

Officials always want to remind us that it is always more dangerous after that first down pour of the season, because the water slickens those roads and it loosens up those oils which makes it very dangerous.

The CHP advises motorists to keep their headlights on during the rainy days.

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