Cold weather hits Southland abruptly

CASTAIC, Calif. We had sunny skies and chilly winds today here in Santa Clarita. Even colder in the Antelope Valley, where there is a freeze watch for Tuesday night.

It's time to bundle up. Tuesday the wind was howling through Palmdale, making it bitter cold. Just a week ago it was warm, but Tuesday in many areas it was in the twenties and thirties.

"It's ridiculous," said Palmdale resident Michael Peterson. "The weather is bipolar, man. One minute it's hot, the next minute it's freezing cold and snowing out of nowhere."

"It's cold. Look at the snow on the ground," said Miracle Moore from Palmdale.

In Palmdale there were icy sidewalks and walking carefully was necessary. People were still going about their business. But being out in these conditions is miserable. Even longtime residents say this is not the kind of weather they are used to.

"Yeah, I got two jackets on. You know, trying to stay warm," said Willie Hunt from Palmdale.

"This is a different climate zone out here. And we have extreme, sometimes 60-degree temperature change in 24 hours," said Greenbee Landscape and Nursery worker Brad Hayes.

These temperatures can be rough on plants.

"You can always cover those with burlap or you can use plastic and just use something heavy to kind of hold that down, if you want to allow the light to penetrate through there and warm up the plant," said Hayes.

And if there is no cloud cover by Tuesday night it could be even colder. Not what residents want to hear.

"It's cold, it's cold. Right now actually, with the sun hitting you it's good. But once the sun starts going down, you better be inside," said Suzie Ektahl, Palmdale resident.

On a cold night like this it's also a good idea to bring your pets inside as well.

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