Consumer Reports tests variety of showerheads

LOS ANGELES A new showerhead can upgrade your bathroom, not to mention your day. Eyewitness News teamed up with Consumer Reports to find a top-rated showerhead that can make the start of your day an invigorating one.

Rain-shower showerheads, multiple-setting showerheads with a massage option, and your basic single-setting showerhead, are all popular options.

Consumer Reports had the invigorating task of testing showerheads -- 18 in all.

"We had male and female panelists taking showers in the Consumer Reports' locker room," said Celia Kuperszmid-Lehrman, Consumer Reports. "They took showers for eight weeks and were evaluating for force of stream and for water feel."

Water-saving showerheads that cut water and energy use were also included in the tests. Some were a hit, but others were a washout.

"If you have longer hair, to wash your hair in one of those low-flow showers, it isn't so easy," said panelist Kimberly Janeway.

"I like to feel that there's enough water. I don't like a fine stream," said panelist Steve Bova.

So what did the panelists like?

"I like that the force was pretty aggressive," said panelist Cheryl DeLena.

"People really didn't like wimpy showers," said Kuperszmid-Lehrman.

The MOEN Inspire is the top-rated multi-setting showerhead. It costs $50. And for just $15, the American Standard Easy Clean is a Best Buy. It delivers a forceful shower, though it has only one setting.

Consumer Reports says before you buy a showerhead, factor in what it takes for you to install it. Rain-shower heads in particular may be heavy and can require additional support or hardware, making installation more difficult and more expensive.

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