Storm brings snow, sales boosts to mountains


The snow that may be coming in from the storm just around the corner may have a positive impact on mountain businesses, especially around Lake Arrowhead and other communities at the foot of the mountains.

"It's picking up a lot. We sell a lot of chains, cables, everything, snacks, we have a lot of business when the weather is like that," described Clara Rodriguez, a gas station cashier.

At Lake Arrowhead Village Property Rentals, the demands for rentals have increased following the first snowflake that fell last week.

"Business is good. The snow has helped our business a lot so it came at a good time this year," said Jennifer Aguirre, a rental agent.

Steven Boswell manages the 173-room Lake Arrowhead Resort. Even in this slow economic period, there's a demand for luxury accommodations and a blanket of snow is important.

"People like to come up as long as there's snow on the ground. And we get flooded with questions from people asking if there is snow on the ground. Their primary use of this hotel is Snow Valley," explained Steven Boswell, the resort manager.

The timing of a new heavy snow is important to certain mountain businesses.

"It does have an impact because especially if it snows Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and it's broadcast on Channel Seven News all week that there's snow on the mountains, then everybody comes up Friday, Saturday, Sunday," described Dave Doyler of Arrowhead Village Pizza.

"If it snows Friday, Saturday and Sunday of course like this weekend, then no, it doesn't help businesses," Doyler added.

Many agree that they're going to have a good New Year's and Christmas holiday period and a good blanket of snow will help ensure that will happen.

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