Kate Hudson lives out a fantasy in 'Nine'

LOS ANGELES /*Kate Hudson*/ is part of an all-star ensemble cast in the movie musical, "Nine". She and her co-stars became a tight-knit family after rehearsing rigorous hours for director Rob Marshall.

"Rob sort of created an environment, not unlike in Almost Famous, when we did this thing called 'rock school,'" said Hudson. "It was this very similar type of, you know, where everybody was in it together, and we all eat lunch together, and we would sort of watch each other's rehearsal process, and root for each other and get real intimate. So to have that rehearsal time, was a dream."

Hudson is living out a fantasy by finally getting to shimmy through a real big-screen musical.

"To be able to sing and dance, you know. I used to do that in the mirror when I was little and everything, from Janet Jackson to Ann Margaret, just singing and dancing that's all I've ever wanted to do," said Hudson. "And I've never had the opportunity to do it until now."

Kate thanks her mom, /*Goldie Hawn*/, for making sure she had a childhood filled with song.

"Musical theater and musicals were a big part of me growing up especially with my mom being a dancer," said Hudson. "That's how she, you know, she started her career. I was always surrounded by showgirls."

Now, a quick review. "/*Nine*/" is full of energy and I think it's really fun watching the various stars belt out their numbers. There are some high-powered musical moments in this movie that are very well-orchestrated. I think you go to see this film for the excitement of it all over the story it tells, but I had a blast nonetheless.

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