Sophia Loren on sexy: 'Got it, or you ain't'


"I like to work in Italy," said Sophia. "It's my language, it's my hometown and the characters I play in Italy, they don't give it to me in America."

In director /*Rob Marshall*/'s "Nine," Loren plays the mother of /*Daniel Day-Lewis*/' character. When she's on camera, she somehow commands it.

"She's the first person I called," explains Marshall. "I said, 'I can't do this film without you.' And she was so gracious."

"I am somebody very shy, but you don't believe me because nobody does," said Loren. "But when I know that I am confronted with the camera, I just let myself go and I love the camera. I love to give to the camera and I give anything I can at that particular moment."

"To me, you know, she's Sophia Loren," said Marshall. "I mean, she's this other thing, this incredible thing. And there's only one. There'll only be one ever. And to have her in this film, and have her presence and her heart and her spirit and her Italian, you know, authentic beauty."

Audiences get to see the 75-year-old Loren sing in this movie. But the actress will always be known for how sexy she is. How does she define it?

"I have no idea. I don't know," said Loren. "I think you've got it, or you ain't," said Loren.

And does Loren think she's got it?

"From how people look at me, I think I've got it, yes," laughed Loren.

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