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'Valentine's Day' George Lopez speaks on love

February 5, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
"Valentine's Day" is just around the corner, both the holiday and the movie. George Lopez is among the movie's ensemble cast, and he spoke to George Pennacchio about his real life romance with his wife.George Lopez works for a florist in the new romantic comedy, "Valentine's Day."

His own marriage to his wife of 16 years, Ann, began with a memorable proposal, just not a romantic one.

"My wife said to me in the kitchen, 'Guess who's getting married?' and I said, 'Who?' She goes, 'We are,' and I said, 'Oh, all right, when?' 'September.' I said, 'Let me know. I'll be there,'" described Lopez.

The night before their wedding, Ann made Lopez propose to her.

"She made me get down on one knee at the San Fernando Mission. I get down on one knee, and it was a cemetery, a burial ground. I get down on one knee, I turn to my right, there was a headstone. What does the headstone say? Lopez. Truth!" Lopez said.

In 2005, his real life "best friend" gave him a much needed kidney.

"It's worked out pretty good. That's why I took the kidney. I said, "Listen, you got my arms and my legs, I'm taking something from yours,'" said Lopez.

You can see George Lopez in "Valentine's Day" beginning Feb. 12.