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Garry Marshall adored by 'Valentine's' cast

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
February 12, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The cast of 'Valentine's Day' tells entertainment reporter George Pennacchio that working with director Garry Marshall is a lifetime experience. Director Garry Marshall has assembled an all-star cast in his new romantic comedy "Valentine's Day."

Marshall's crew consists of many actors he's worked with before like, Julia Roberts and Anne Hathaway.

"He is just so open and you can't mess up a take because he wants to use everything," said Hathaway. "He's always looking for the funny, and if it's not funny he still tries to make you likeable. So you feel very safe."

It's nice you build relationships. People tell me when you make a Garry Marshall movie you have made it and that you will always be in his family. I think that is a nice testament to the set you have.

"I try to make it something that is pleasant. Sometimes you don't know if it is a hit or flop, but we do know that the process can be pleasant," said Marshall. But once there is too much yelling and screaming I go home. I try to make it where you don't do that and people somehow get along. My best directing tool is hugging."

Hector Elizondo is Marshall's "good luck charm" and has been in every one of his films since "Pretty Woman."

In "Valentine's Day," his longtime love is played by Shirley MacLaine. Their chemistry is more than apparent.

"It was a terrific story and when I heard she was in it I knew I'd do it," said Elizondo.

"When I heard that he was in it I thought, "Oh, God I will have to do it anyway. What would of taken a day will take two weeks now,'" said MacLaine.

"Valentine's Day" is now in theaters.