'My Sharona' co-writer Doug Fieger dies at 57

LOS ANGELES The Knack's "My Sharona" is one of the best-selling rock 'n' roll songs of all time.

Back in 2001, Fieger spoke to ABC7's George Pennacchio about the song's enormous success.

"We call it the golden albatross, because we had a lot of hits and yet because that one is one of the biggest hits of all time, not just the No. 1 record of 1979, it's the number one rock record of the whole 1970s," said Fieger.

The Knack actually had several hits, including "Good Girls Don't" and "Rocket of Love."

And in 2001, Fieger and the guys put out a new CD, still loving the art of performing.

"It's very gratifying that people come up to me, young people, people my age come up to me and say, you know, your music changed my life," said Fieger.

In the interview, Fieger even sang an updated version of the hit that defined his career.

"I really love what I do. I never wanted to do anything else," said Fieger.

On his passing, Doug's sister, Beth Falkenstein, told Eyewitness news, "There was never a greater fan of pop music than Doug Fieger."

And the muse for his biggest hit, Sharona Alperin said, "Doug changed my life forever. He left on Valentine's Day, a day of heart and love, and that was Doug, all heart and love."

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