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Frank McCourt's wife wants $1M a month

March 29, 2010 12:39:59 AM PDT
The nasty divorce between Dodgers' owner Frank McCourt and his wife is played out in public. Jamie McCourt is hoping a judge will grant her $1 million a month in spousal support, but Frank McCourt is offering $150,000.Frank McCourt's attorney Sorrell Trope made the offer to Jamie McCourt during Monday's hearing. It's expected to be an ugly fight in court, with a lot of money at stake.

The spousal-support money would go toward things like a personal makeup artist, a personal hair stylist, designer clothing, expensive restaurants and trips to places like Paris and Vietnam.

"Mrs. McCourt is seeking obscene amounts of spousal support. She wishes to maintain an unrealistic lifestyle that is completely unsustainable," said Kiley.

Frank McCourt's lawyers say she doesn't deserve anything because she already controls seven homes that the couple used to own together. Those homes are worth about $65 million. Frank McCourt's lawyers say that if she really needs money, she can rent those homes out or sell them.

"Those properties can be rented out readily for roughly $150,000 a month. We're not talking about small, shabby properties," said Trope.

Frank McCourt's attorneys say their client can't afford that much and that the assumed billionaire only makes $5 million a year.

But Jamie McCourt's legal team laughed at those claims, saying the Dodgers alone continue to make profits year after year.

"His Dodger organization is a cash cow. You've all been to Dodger games. You know what's sold there. You know how much money is coming in. There's plenty of money to go around for both parties to live very comfortably for the rest of their lives," said Jamie McCourt's attorney, Dennis Wasser.

Jamie McCourt's lawyers say she shouldn't have to tap into her own investments, and that she got used to a certain lifestyle as the wife of Frank McCourt and CEO of the Dodgers. They also argue that Jamie McCourt's mortgages and related expenses total $568,000 a month - more than half what she is asking from her husband.

Jamie McCourt's attorneys are also trying to argue that Frank McCourt also spends a lot of money. They say he recently took a trip to New York City and spent four days at the Four Seasons. The bill was $18,000.

"The mortgage, the property tax and the insurance on the seven homes is approximately half a million dollars a month. That's why the figure is high, but it was the two of them that decided to buy these homes together and carry on this lifestyle," said Wasser.

The fate of the Dodgers is still unclear. It is expected to be decided during the trial in May.

If the judge decides that the team is community property, it opens up another issue about Jamie McCourt getting her job back as CEO of the Dodgers. She was making about $2 million a year in that position.

The McCourts have been married since 1979 and have four grown sons. Jamie McCourt filed for divorce in October, citing irreconcilable differences.

The court commissioner has until July to decide how much money Jamie McCourt will get. Her attorneys are asking for a quick decision saying that there are hundreds and thousands of dollars in mortgages that have to be paid.

However, the court commissioner says it could take some time because he has to go through approximately 8,000 pages of documents that Jamie McCourt's attorneys submitted.

Attorneys for both sides will be back in the court room Tuesday to try to hash out a start date for the actual divorce trial.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.