What's bugging you? Parking restrictions

LOS ANGELES "Nothing is happening and I think it's probably nobody's making any noise yet," Los Angeles resident Melissa Medina said.

Residents say the street was just repaved and reconfigured. It went from two lanes to one lane with a middle lane for turns, and residents want to know why there are still rush-hour parking restrictions on both sides of the street.

"Now they have one lane on both sides but still require us to move our car," Medina said. "And it doesn't make any sense."

Myron Washington says if you don't move your car in time, it can cost you.

"Yeah, many times ticketed, towed," Washington said. "My friends' cars have been ticketed and towed."

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation says the residents are right. There shouldn't be parking restrictions in the area.

"We're removing the restriction on the signs so that the residents in the area and people visiting businesses can park all day as long as they observe the two-hour limit," said Bruce Gillman, a spokesman for the L.A. Department of Transportation. "There will be no afternoon p.m. peak-hour restrictions any longer because the road's now wide enough to be able to allow smooth flow of traffic."

Gilman says this was in the original plans but after the construction work was finished it takes some time to get everything approved and the signs removed. He also says neighbors here or anywhere in Los Angeles should feel free to call the department or go to any of its offices to get answers.

"You can get the phone numbers and actually call up, speak with an engineer if you have any questions about how we determine to stripe the streets or any of the parking signs, and we are there for you," said Gilman.

This is definitely good news for residents.

"It's wonderful news," Myron Washington said. "Thank you Carlos Granda for coming to our aid, ABC7. We have been trying for three months to get them to remove the signs so thanks for coming here."

The LADOT says the signs are going to be coming down this week so residents don't have to worry about those restrictions during rush hour any more.

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