IE court grants permanent gang injunction

VICTORVILLE, Calif. The gang is the so-called Brown Pride Gang, or "BPG" based in Adelanto.

The District Attorney's Office says the gang has approximately 80-100 members, and has been a nuisance in the area for two decades.

Its criminal activities include drug sales, drug use, shootings, auto thefts, burglaries, and graffiti.

The permanent injunction includes a "Safety Zone."

The Safety Zone is the area traditionally claimed by the gang as their own territory.

The purpose of the injunction is to disrupt gang activities and make it harder for the gang to intimidate residents by prohibiting them from certain activities.

Those activities include publicly gathering and associating with one another, displaying gang symbols, such as gang clothing and gang tattoos, and possessing graffiti tools.

Violators will be prosecuted in criminal court.

District Attorney Michael A. Ramos calls the injunction an important weapon in the on-going battle against gangs.

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