First wave of storm drenches Ventura County

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. It was just before 8 p.m. when Mother Nature unleashed on Ventura and Los Angeles counties.

The spring storm was heavy enough to cause some drivers to lose control, as Jennifer Shrode witnessed Sunday night on the 101 Freeway.

"There was a large SUV and it was by itself. It hit the median and it flipped upside down and spun around and then it landed on the driver's side up, facing the traffic," described Shrode.

In downtown Ventura, a light mist quickly turned into a torrential downpour, and many people weren't ready for it to rain so early in the evening.

"We just saw the news forecast, but they said it wasn't coming in until 12, but we brought the umbrella anyway," said Greg Mills, a Westlake Village resident.

"It's okay. Feet are meant to get wet," said Santa Clarita resident Carly Enderson, clad in flip-flop sandals. "These shoes have seen all kinds of weather, so this is fine too."

In Westlake, a windy storm caught Shelley Kunath and her dog by surprise.

"It's April. It's supposed to be warm and sunny. I'm not a big fan of this kind of weather in Southern California," said Kunath, carrying her dog which was swaddled in a rain coat.

Still, some people like Seth Brady, are savoring this last dose of winter. He only cared about finding his car before his laptop got too wet.

"So I just got here from New Hampshire, so this is a pleasant surprise," said Brady, a Thousand Oaks resident.

"I love it and my flowers are growing great, and I don't have to water now, so that's why I love it," said Sue Chadwick, a Westlake resident.

"My grandma used to say that the rain washes the air and it cleans everything. So, I love it," said another Westlake resident Lila Korb.

California Highway Patrol is warning drivers to be very careful of the slick road conditions. CHP reported more than 40 rain-related car accidents in Los Angeles and Ventura counties within the first hour of rainfall.

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