Russell Crowe gets star on Walk of Fame

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. "I still, occasionally, get to have conversations with people on the sidewalk about a movie I made 20 years ago," said actor /*Russell Crowe*/.

Over the years Crowe has been a "Gladiator," an "Insider" and a man with "A Beautiful Mind."

Now, he's a recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And hundreds of people came out to wish him well.

"I thought it was going to be raining today and there wasn't going to be anybody here," said Crowe. "But, you know, that's cool. That's nice that people have stopped by within the course of their day and had a little look."

Hollywood has tackled the story of "Robin Hood" before, but Russell assures me not like his next movie.

"It ain't your granddaddy's 'Robin Hood.' I'll tell you that much for free," said Crowe. "It's a recalibration of the whole story. I can't really put it into one sentence. This is just not 'Robin Hood' as you may understand it. What this does is it goes back through the 1,000 years of storytelling and finds the seeds and the core of the story."

Talk show host Jay Leno spoke on Crowe's behalf at the ceremony, calling him one of the greatest actors in the world. And director Ron Howard, who made two movies with him, says he's a force of nature.

"The degree of artistic intensity he brings to everything that he does is really remarkable to behold," said Howard. "No one could deserve a star more than Russell."

And now he's got one in the heart of Hollywood.

"It's not a bad piece of real estate. I reckon I could build an apartment on that, a very skinny one, but it's in a good spot," said Crowe.

If you'd like to see Crowe's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it's right outside the Kodak Theatre.

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