'Dancing' celebs faced with double challenge

Hollywood Wrap with George Pennacchio

Every week on "Dancing With the Stars," we see the judges each give one score after a dance. But there's a new twist this week.

Instead of a possible 30 points, on Monday dancers can get 60 points because the judges will be grading each dance with two scores -- one to judge technique and the other for performance.

"This one is very clear-cut, ten for performance," said judge /*Carrie Ann Inaba*/. "So it's almost like getting the half scores, which we're always asking for and we would love to be able to do. So in a way we're sort of getting that, but we're just upping the ante."

Judges call this the most demanding test of the teams' abilities. But co-host /*Brooke Burke*/ likes this week's added element.

"Because it's going to teach everybody that you have to be a performer as well," Burke said. You know, you can't just go out there and be a great dancer. It's also about the whole crowd experience. So I think it's great and it mixes it up a little bit."

Inaba says the dancers aren't the only ones who will have to keep on their toes.

"I know they keep saying it's double the work for them. It's double the work for us," said Inaba Two whole paddles, can we handle it?"

There will be a lot to keep track of Monday night. Nine couples are left in the competition, each with two sets of scores. You can catch all of the "Dancing" action starting at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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