Cool Kid inspires girls in her community

LOS ANGELES "They have given me something and I want to give it back to the community to help make it better where I grew up," said Jhoana.

Working with the group, /*Girls Today Women Tomorrow*/, Jhoana shows how to overcome what can be difficult surroundings.

"At times it's going to be hard but in the end it's always going to be better. What you receive in the end from all your hard work is going to pay off," said Jhoana.

Jhoana has impressed people with her abilities to relate to the young ladies of her community.

"She's a very giving girl, very sweet. She is a leader. She gets girls to follow her. She encourages them to participate," said Nora Lopez, Development Director.

Her attitude of giving and helping is leading her toward a career as a pediatrician.

"The little ones, they're going to be our future for us. They're so cute and I want to make them feel better when they're sick," said Jhoana.

No matter the challenges of her area , Cool Kid Jhoana Ascencion is moving forward and giving other young girls a path to follow.

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