Rock, Lawrence remake British comedy 'Death'

LOS ANGELES They play estranged brothers who must put aside their differences for their father's funeral.

The remake allowed the two old friends to finally work together on screen.

"I always wanted to make a movie with Martin. We never found the right thing," said Rock. "I lucked out. I gave him the script, he read it and responded. That was the happiest day of the movie to me, the day we got Martin."

"You run into each other throughout the years and always say it, but sometimes it doesn't happen," said Lawrence. "But Chris found right vehicle that we could get together on. I think he picked a good one."

Rock helped bring together an all-star ensemble cast that also includes, /*Tracy Morgan*/, who got his TV start on Martin's sitcom back in 1995.

"I feel like a proud papa," said Lawrence. "My boy's gone on and did his thing."

And everyone on the film said when Tracy does his comedy thing, just hang on and get out of the way.

"He knew his lines. He did his lines. But every other take he would try something," said Rock. "Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was like, 'Tracy, what movie are you in? What does Evel Knievel have to do with this funeral?'"

"Are you really crazy, or just brilliant?" said co-star James Marsden.

"I think if Tracy wasn't crazy, this world would be pretty boring," said co-star Zoe Saldana.

Along with James Marsden, /*Zoe Saldana*/ and Columbus Short, the film also features Danny Glover, Loretta Devine, Luke Wilson, and from the original film, Peter Dinklage.

It's in theatres on Friday.

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